Forking Telegram Monero Tip Bot from Monero Ecosystem

Stories Nov 30, 2021

So, to help spread awareness about blockchain and privacy cryptocurrency, I fork monero-ecosystem/telegram-monerotipbot from GitHub so it can be used by my friends as a tiping tool or maybe as an investment (actually, I prefer to spend XMR rather than investing because it's currency, use it!).

Bot URL:

NOTICE: You do not own your private keys. I own them! Beside the wallet itself, nothing will be stored on the server - where the bot is running - ever. No user data, personal information or otherwise personal data will be stored. However, always have in mind that you might lose your money due to a bug or I can get hacked and lose all funds. I cannot guarantee anything. So use this bot on your own risk!


/help tip
/tip username amount message
Amount takes no trailing XMR symbol! Tip a user with a certain amount. All users who started the bot will be notified upon a tip. Optionally you can specify a message to be sent along with the tip. This message will be forwarded to the user if that user has started the bot.


Make sure the telegram user you want to tip actually exists, otherwise the moneros will be gone!!!

Unknown users to the bot, will be tipped regardless whether or not they exist in Telegram.

You cannot tip users who do not have an account at MoneroTipBot within the bot PM. Those users can only be tipped within a group.

Optionally, you can use the @sign when giving the username. Exception to this is when you tip on a reply message. Then you don't need a username and only the amount. Amount has to be a number. Use decimals if you need fractional amounts (like 0.1).

/help send

/send address amount

Amount takes no trailing XMR symbol! Send a certain amount to a regular monero wallet address. Amount has to be a number. Use decimals if you need fractional amounts (like 0.1).

/help balance


Show your current balance. Balance is the total balance. Unlocked balance is what is free to spend and the number of spent outputs gives you a hint to how many times you can tip. If balance is locked the output will show the estimated time until unlocked.

/help giveaway

/giveaway amount

Amount takes no trailing XMR symbol! Make a giveaway within a telegram group. This is a group command. If this bot is in a group and you are a member of that group, you can make a giveaway with the amount you want to give away. The first user in that group who clicks on the 'Claim' button will receive that amount and a tip will happen between the giver and the taker. Amount has to be a number. Use decimals if you need fractional amounts (like 0.1)

/help generateqr

/generateqr amount description

Generate a QR-Code image with the desired amount and optionally a description to share with others. The other person can then paste this image into the bot PM and can do a transaction.

Every QR-Code image generated will use a new subaccount address to avoid giving away your main wallet address.

If you don't specify any parameter, it will generate a QR-Code image with just your subaccount address.

The bot will try to parse the QR-Code according to RFC 3986. If the QR-Code is RFC 3986 compliant you will be prompted with the content of the QR-Code (address, amount, recipient, description) and buttons to make the transaction or cancel it.

Example: /generateqr 10 thank you for the donation. much appreciated! :)

/help withdraw

/withdraw address

Withdraw everything from the tip bot wallet to your own wallet address.

Make sure you double-check the recipient address to make sure you are sending to the right address.


If you ever think about misusing this bot for more than just tipping small amounts to other users, for example using it as your personal wallet, please be informed that there is absolutely no guarantee - in whatever form - given by the bot and the bot operator.


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